Along with the States of Mississippi and Arkansas, Tennessee has served as the foundation for the church that has become known as one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

TN Central Jurisdiction | COGIC

Continuing The Legacy & Increasing Opportunity

Hello Friends,
Central Tennessee Jurisdiction has been truly blessed over the past 28 years to have experienced such a great level of leadership. We have a rich foundation to build upon and are greatly challenged to effectively embrace our present, while we realize our future. Central is the largest COGIC Jurisdiction in the State of Tennessee, and it is incumbent upon us to continue the legacy of our great leader Bishop W. L. Porter.

I believe that just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean we should just leave it alone; with the help of God, we should make it better. Over the years, we have enjoyed many programs and initiatives and I strongly believe that our best is yet to come! There is a great burden to expand and advance the work of the Kingdom by empowering and fulfi lling the present needs of local churches in our area.

I have been in prayer concerning how we can further the greatness of this work here in Tennessee. God has put a few things in my spirit to share with you who are already devoted to Central and those He is leading our way. I believe these initiatives, if embraced, will be to our advantage.

Bishop Brandon B. Porter
Jurisdictional Prelate
Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Tennessee


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Training & Development

• Develop Administrative Guide Books for local churches
• Implement Church Growth Empowerment workshops
• Organize Empowerment Retreats for Pastors and Staff
• Initiate Resource Center for grants, daycares, after-school and other community programs
• Strengthen Department of Christian Education to better serve the local ministers, missionaries and church workers
• Provide developmental courses for new Pastors and Superintendents
• Develop detailed leadership expectations to improve productivity and effectiveness

Economic Empowerment

• Provide consultation for new building purchases or expansion projects
• Launch credit union to promote financial independence for local churches
• Establish life insurance & retirement plans for all Pastors
• Enhance system of fi nance to ensure more effective and frequent reports
• Develop a budget committee to help oversee the finances and properties
• Augment system of tithing and love offerings

Church Growth & Marketing Strategies

• Promote local ministries via billboards, bus stop signage, radio, television and website
• Sponsor strategic area revivals to encourage growth and spiritual impact (no more than three, two day revivals)
• Encourage growth in districts by opening our doors to independent pastors who are looking for the kind of fellowship COGIC represents
• Provide resources for local churches for Audio/Visual equipment, website development and management, and other vehicles of mass communication
• Develop renovation plan for the State Temple to ensure it’s more suitable for growth and conventions
• Devise systematic plan to plant churches throughout the State of Tennessee

Community Relations & Outreach

• Develop a shelter for families in need of short term housing and restoration
• Drug and alcohol recovery centers
• Establish the W. L. Porter Foundation to ensure worthy programs are continue