Mother Bettie Sue Vaughn was born March 3, 1930 in Hayti, MO. She is the 4th of 7 children born to Mr. Willie and Mrs. Ora Sinclair. She received her educational training in Hayti, MO. Bettie is the wife of the (Late) Mr. Johnny Vaughn and the mother of five (5) children, three (3) girls: Theresa Powell, Darlene Roberson and Mattie Williams, two (2) boys; Steve Welton Vaughn and the (Late) Vincent Arnez Vaughn.

In 1953, something wonderful happened to her; her testimony is that she went to church one night and her hear wasn’t right, but after hearing the gospel preached from Bishop A.B. McEwen, she accepted Jesus Christ in her hear and was filled with the Holy Ghost and fire and became a loyal and faithful member of the Maury City Community Church Of God In Christ under the leadership of Bishop A.B. McEwen as her pastor who taught her many good things. He would always say “daughter, the Lord has great things for you.” She believed the scripture John 9:4 when Jesus said, “I must work while it is day, when night cometh, no man can work.” Mother Bettie Sue Vaughn has served in her local church as: Sunday School Teacher, YPWW Teacher, Prayer and Bible Band Teacher, Bible Band Secretary, Mother’s Board President, Deaconess Missionary, and Choir Member. Mother Vaughn has counseled many troubled souls, men, women, boys, and girls, and also ministered to jail inmates and those in convalescent homes.

Mother Vaughn also worked for the Cooperative Extension Program in the area of Community Resource Development as a Program Assistant and Sewing Instructor in Crockett County. Mother Vaughn was responsible for planning, executing, evaluating, and reporting the CRD education program to low income and limited resource families of Crockett County. Mother Vaughn was dedicated to serving the total needs of the family and community. She did outstanding work in the areas of family living, clothe making, alterations, wardrobe planning, home improvement, nutrition, gardening, food preservatipon, health and management. She also served as Trustee on the Crockett County Memorial Library Board, President of the Crockett County Memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and is the founder of the Community Help Club in Maury City, TN.

In the Church Of God In Christ, Mother Vaughn assisted licensed missionaries and district missionaries in her youth. Before becoming a licensed missionary, the Lord revealed to her that He had a great work for her to do. In 1969, her pastor, the (Late) Elder J.B. Yancy, recommended Mother Vaughn to the State Supervisor, Mother Annie B. Patton, to be licensed as an evangelist missionary and the Lord allowed it to be so. She has conducted revivals in churches, missions, and tents. She also assisted in working and praying in churches. Souls were saved in these revivials and filled with the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4. In 1970, she was appointed by the (Late) Bishop E.H. Ware to serve as the District Sunday School Chairlady of the Humboldt District.

In 1981, she was appointed by Bishop W.L. Porter, Prelate of Tennessee Central Jurisdiction, as District Missionary of the Maury City District. The Bible says, “your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men.” In 1986, the Lord put His approval upon Mother Vaughn and moved her to a higher position. Bishop Porter said, “the Lord made choice of her.” She received her appointment as Jurisdictional Supervisor under the International Supervisor, the (Late) Mother Mattie McGlothen. In her capacity as Supervisor, she is to visit and supervise the Women’s Department of the respective churches and districts. Mother Vaughn has also been given an opportunity to share the Word Of God during the Church Of God In Christ International Women’s Convention.

Mother Vaughn has faithfully served under 6 pastors: Bishop A.B. McEwen, Elder J.B. Yancy, Elder Lee Allen Spight, Elder Henry A Spight, Elder L.D. Blalark, and now Elder Ewell Jelks, Jr. Mother Vaughn can say that she has never given these pastors a day of trouble. She said all of this work could not have been accomplished without the love that God has put in her heart and a loving husband and the love of the saints and friends. She always say, “when my work is ended, I want to hear the Lord say, well done thy good and faithful servant, thou have been faithful over a few things, come up higher and I will make you ruler over many.”